R is struggling at the moment. As a teenager anyway it’s a complex time. The worry of exams and the joys of GCSE’s next year. When you factor in the social anxieties of the teenage world, it all adds up to a pressure cooker environment for her.

Having Asperger’s has proved too be a massive obstacle for her getting any enjoyment out of this stage in her life. I had gone along the train of thought that the social side of things was that was her main struggle but thinking about it, it is just as bad for her academically.

We have always been told that she has the ability to do well but her application has been a problem. She has the knowledge and the capability to work things out and express an opinion but there is something in her that stops her from doing so. She struggles with listening to instruction and following it methodically. She normally just here’s the first thing that’s said and looses concentration after that. In fact concentration for periods of time seems to be the biggest problem.

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