March for the people

I’m going to talk about Brexit

Tomorrow in the UK there is a March being held in London, and I believe Scotland, to ask government to give people a vote on what happens next with Brexit. I have also signed the petition (currently over 2.4 million signatures) to revoke article 50 which will pause the Brexit process.

I voted to remain and if given another chance I would do the same.

My first remain vote was from the heart. I didn’t really understand much of the economic reasons other than it wouldn’t be great. I just felt I didn’t want us to be cut off from the rest of Europe and to do so would make us look cold and unwelcoming as a nation which I didn’t think we were.

My second remain vote (should I get the opportunity to cast it) will come from the heart and head. I now know so much more about the economic implications and have also seen and heard what cutting ourselves off from Europe has done to us. I used to be proud of what a cosmopolitan, tolerant, society we were. Not anymore, hate and selfishness seems to be the trend at the moment. Which makes me sad and ashamed.

It makes me want to shout out that I don’t feel those things. I welcome immigration it contributes far more to our economy and society than takes away. If we can give someone asylum and the chance for them to build a new safe life then I welcome that too. I welcome diversity. We seem to be going back in time with how we treat people who are LGBTQ. Some schools have started saying they won’t be teaching children what it means to be LGBTQ. As if it was wrong to let children know from the very beginning it’s fine to love who you want. What a thing, what an opportunity wasted to be better.

Scientific research will suffer. Most of our universities research is funded by the EU. Our scientists work closely with European scientists to make us healthier, safer and find new ways to help the environment. What plans are in place for for this? Are there any yet?

Economically I worry most. Brexiteers argue that food shortages won’t be that bad and we can tighten our belts. A lot of people’s belts are already tight already relying on schools to help feed their children. How do we help them? How do we help those who are homeless then, when there isn’t enough money in the pot to help them now?

Personally I worry about my children’s future as would any parent. I worry about my son more as to give him the life he needs we have to rely on the state. The help he gets is already reducing what will happen when they reduce it more as the government tells us we have to make cuts, as the transport secretary has wasted billions of taxpayers money but still has a job. How we’ve wasted millions trying to bribe business’s to stay in our country but are leaving anyway as we’re so economically unstable. More and more money wasted on this mess.

And so tomorrow I’ll travel to London with my husband and we’ll join hundreds of thousands of other like minded people to show the government that we aren’t inward looking we want a future where we can be proud of the UK again and not feel like we have to apologize for it. For our children’s future.

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