I made it through the wilderness. (somehow I made it through).


I haven’t posted a blog for a while. I’ve started a few but either didn’t finish them or deleted them.

The main reason being is it’s been the school summer holidays. Tiredness has been a big factor when I have had time to myself I just wanted to stare into space or watch Netflix. I didn’t even read really which is a first.

The other factors were my old friends stress and anxiety. It’s been a difficult few weeks.

It’s very hard to admit that you don’t cope very well alone with your child. It’s also very hard to treasure every moment with a child who makes you feel stressed and anxious.

I tried though for the first two weeks I woke up thinking. We’re going to have fun today.

It didn’t really happen though and I ended up spending the day clock watching. Wishing the days away. Looking back I feel so cross with myself about that what a waste!

But I made it to the end. O has started high school and R has very reluctantly but bravely started her GCSE year.

I thought I’d write down a few things I learned along those crazy anxiety inducing SIX WEEKS!!

* summer holidays are looooooonnnnggg!

I thought they lasted forever when I was a child but when you’re an adult it’s a whole different ball game. I feel as if July was a year ago.

*O needs more holiday club days.

He gets 8 designated days. This I think is actually more than some but it’s not enough. It used to be more but our wonderful government decided cuts needed to be made. Hooray for lack of funding!

*Its very hard to coax teenagers out of there bedrooms.

I don’t feel the need to expand on this. She is a hermit.

*Taking R to Brighton really cheers her up.

She had a great time, we had a great time. We love it! Just a couple of nights but we needed it.

*there isn’t enough gin in the world.

There just isn’t. Fact!

*O is pretty aggressive.

I don’t know how this has only just come to my attention, but there’s something about being cooped up in a house with someone for 6 weeks that let’s you really get to know them.

*who ate all the snacks.

O did and now the cupboards are bare.

But what is the antidote to all this negativity? How have I made it out the other side?

I will tell you.


At the beginning of the holidays two kittens came to live in our house for the rest of their lives. They are the best thing ever and I love them. The black one is Eve and the other is Mews. They bring us all joy on a daily basis and are downright Badass. Thanks to my friend Yuliya for the photo of them actually sitting still. She very kindly looked after them for me while we were in Brighton. ( I really missed them).

Now I’ve written this I’ll hopefully get to posting regularly again.

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