Stairgate to heaven.

We have had to adapt the house a lot around O. He tends to grab and destroy so we can only allow him to run free around certain rooms in the house.

Our saviour and something we could never be without are our pet gates.

I can’t imagine life without them they keep O in and also out. It means I can use the toilet, or make the tea, put him to bed at night without camping outside the door until 2 in the morning…….. Yes that is the time he goes to sleep sometimes.

I also know he’s safe and can’t open the front door and escape into the big wide world, or into one of the neighbours gardens to eat the plants (this has happened, mortifying) sorry.

They are taller than your average stair gate and for now he doesn’t really try to climb over them. Except in his bedroom where we have had to have another one attached upside down to completely cover the doorway. It does give the appearance that he’s in a cage which I’m not entirely comfortable with but we know he is safe. I used to worry that we’d wake up in the morning to the front door wide open and him disappeared completely. The 2 gate system stops that from happening and stops me waking up in a state of that’s good.

All we need is a pet to go with my pet gates and my life will be complete.

Does anyone else have anything like this in their house they couldn’t live without?

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