Creating content

I have often thought that vloggers and bloggers leave fuller lives and do more interesting things because they have to create content. This was part of the reason why I started to write a blog, so I’d start trying out new things with the children and actually get out there and live a bit.

This hasn’t really worked out as yet. I still need to push myself and the rest of the family.

So I’ve resolved to try new things and get out there both by myself and with the rest of the family. Ironically as I’m typing this I’m sat in bed on a glorious day having changed my plans of ‘getting out there’, baby steps Nai.

Here is a list of things that I would like to do at some point but keep putting off for various reasons.

• have a spa day. I booked a spa break for myself and Buzz. It was a bit of a disaster as I hadn’t booked any treatments and neither of us were really feeling the spa vibe while we were there so we sat in the bar and watched the football and went for an evening meal. Which was nice but very posh. Next time I will be in full on spa mode wear a dressing gown and maybe get a facial.

• spend the night away from the house as a family. This hasn’t happened for years, due to the fact that R hates hearing Buzz snore and O doesn’t sleep and destroys everything. Hmmmmm maybe I’ll put that one off for a bit longer.

• take R to Paris. R has never left the country and she loves art. We have been planning a grand tour of the gallery’s but keep putting it off. Mainly because she has stopped feeling so excited about the idea because of terrorism.

• take O swimming. We used to take him swimming all the time but after a spate of poos in the pool we stopped for a while that has turned into 8 years. His grandparents take him every other week and as far as I’m aware there has been no incidents. Again it’s something that we’ve been putting off because of how stressful it is getting all of us changed and generally dealing with him. But it’s something he genuinely loves to do so I’m going to think positive and blank all the bad experiences from my mind like they never happened.

• have a school holiday where I’ve actually made plans. I dread the holidays, summer especially, I find it unbelievably stressful. This makes me anxious and my anxiety makes me bury my head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. I think it’s because we never go on holiday I feel like I have nothing to plan. Thinking about it though if I had structure and plans in place it would be a lot easier for everyone.

I need to think of more ideas for us all to do. My brain has got so used to me thinking that we can’t do anything that I’ve fallen a bit flat with what we might actually be able to do. If anyone has any ideas of what an indecisive couple, a grumpy teenager who never wants to come out of her room and a large boy who can destroy the indestructible can do to hopefully have fun let me know.

If my new experiences go well my blogs will be full of wonder and joy. If it goes tits up then at least it might be funny (for you).

Pinterest and possibly local attractions here I come. Watch this space!

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