Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories

O isn’t the most interactive of children. He is getting better though. It’s not just hair pulling or dragging you by the arm, or lately now he’s taller by the neck back to the kitchen for food. There are a few moments where we share a joke, when he realises that something he has done has made you smile. These little bursts of interaction are few and far between but they mean so much more for it.

At the weekend we were out and about and he was hot, instead of taking his jacket off and dropping it on the floor – everything belongs on the floor – he handed it to his Dad. Buzz and I looked at each other and shared a proud moment.

We both said “he’s learning”. And our hearts burst.

When we do have a breakthrough like this I always think of one moment. It happened about 3 years ago. He was playing at the bottom of the garden and I was by the house, he glanced up at me and I waved to him.

He waved back.

I can’t express how that made me feel, how it still makes me feel when I think about it 3 years on. It’s a feeling that I don’t think can be bettered, pride, happiness and a little smudge of sadness that my then 7 year old was doing for the first time what most children had done instinctively since they were babies.

He hasn’t done it since, but I don’t actually mind he will again one day. Until then they’ll be plenty more moments to fill our hearts.

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