I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.

I was thinking today how much I’d like a rug for the front room. I even went internet shopping for one and then I thought no. I can’t get a rug. O would eat it.

My little bear eats pretty much anything. This is another thing which I’m hoping he grows out of and we can start to have nice things. I mean we won’t be prising visitors handbags/ footwear out of his mouth when he’s in his thirties right? Right? You’ll notice I don’t say twenties, let’s not get too carried away with ourselves.

Just for posterity if nothing else here is a list of some of the things my son has eaten. Spoiler alert most of it isn’t food.

Tissues out of pockets.

Food from other people’s plates – mostly his dad’s yay!

A slug off a window – still makes me feel sick

Handles of handbags – to be fair this does give me an excuse to buy more.

Bits sneakily picked off the bottom of people’s shoes

The carpet in his bedroom.

The underlay from his bedroom

His bed

The walls – yes actual walls! – in the front room dining room and his bedroom.

3 possibly more remote controls.

An armchair – this was a gradual process

Countless soft toys

A mattress. – his own.

Our fence panels.

The neighbours fence panels -this gets awkward

Every flower and small tree we’ve had in our garden ever


Food grabbed from the hands of unsuspecting passing strangers – again awkward.

Swimming floats.

2 car seats on school buses.

The handle of a wheelchair that was in front of him on the school bus.

There are lots more I’m sure but there comes a point when you realise a list could be endless. He has never been ill from anything he’s eaten and we removed all the poisonous plants and flowers from our garden. Things we’ve actually managed to stop him for eating far out way what he has eaten. He does enjoy actual food too, and lots of it.

Does anyone else have a child that likes too chomp? I wonder if anyone else doesn’t buy things they need, or would like in case it gets a chunk bitten out of it.

It is pure pleasure and comfort for him. Total sensory heaven. One day he won’t need to mouth and chew everything. Then I’ll get a rug for the front room.

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