Sleepless in Worcester

I miss sleep we all do. It’s been 15 years now and I thought I’d be used to not having a good nights sleep – whatever that is. O has decided that his optimum time for sleep is 1:30 – 2:30 maybe even later if he can manage to stay awake. The problem with this is, apart from the obvious, is that he’s not the quietest presence in the house. He doesn’t exactly lie there quietly reading, he paces loudly and shouts/shrieks at his hands or taps on the walls and floor. This makes it impossible to sleep through. He’s safe we’ve taken protective, quite drastic, measures so that he can’t come to any harm in his little room that is barer than I’d like it.

The noise though. OMG!

The biggest problem is that his room is right next to R’s. And on a school night a tired R is definitely not a happy R. I can’t blame her but trying to be patient with a grumpy teenage girl with asperger’s first thing in the morning when you’ve not had enough sleep yourself feels a bit like trying to balance balls on a tray without any edges whilst being tickled. It’s hard dude.

I don’t blame him in the slightest. I wish he would go to sleep obviously but I get why he’s awake. He can’t switch off. His little brain gets consumed by something, the thoughts going over and over whatever it is he’s obsessing over. Some recent ones have been a toy elephants ear, pipe cleaners, my dads shoe. I wish I could teach him techniques to stop him obsessing but I don’t know how. Communicating is so difficult.

Until then my fingers are crossed. We parrot phrases at each other like “He’ll grow out of it” or “it’s just a phase”. But all we can do is a wait until he can manage it, the best he can.

And we will all be patient.

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