Life is like a box of chocolates!

Today is Easter Sunday. We’re not a religious family so today is mainly about the chocolate and being together. We started the day wanting it to be great. So far it has – I’m touching wood, not religious but superstitious it would seem. We have this hope every Sunday. Saturday we’ll go to bed promising each other that Sunday will be good. It isn’t usually expectation never matches with reality, my hopes are too high and I end up miserable.

I hate Sunday – this is my life mantra. This Sunday has been different expectation while not entirely matching with reality, there has been ranting and screaming from R but it was easily made better. It’s close to what I want. The day of activities of breakfast out, then a walk in the woods wasn’t tolerable but enjoyable. No stressful incidents from O. I am more content than I’ve been for a while. We are more content.

No tears from me. No searching for something that isn’t there from my boy. Today I’ve just loved him for who he is. I’m going to eat some chocolate – possibly hiding in the kitchen. And for once I’m going to enjoy us being together with the people I love. With my family.

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