I hope we have you at hello!

I thought I’d start by telling you a bit about our family of four and why I decided to start writing a blog. We are me, my husband and our two children O and R. O is a very happy and active 11 year old boy and R is a sometimes happy but mostly grumpy 15 year old girl. The children are our world, I say that lovingly but I also mean it literally.

O has chronic developmental delay. This means that mentally he is about 18 months old. Physically however he’s a very tall for his age 11 year old and he’s the best but also very hard work. VERY hard work. I can’t tell you in a small paragraph how much all of us adapt and change to make sure that O’s world is safe and happy. And he is happy despite the teenage hormones creeping in – oh god.

R has Asperger’s syndrome and like all teenagers is finding life a struggle. She hates her autism with a passion. She struggles to make friends and I can feel my heart break just a little every time she tells me how bad her day at school was. How no-one likes her. How everyone thinks she’s ‘weird’. We’re all weird hun is my mum response. Because we are – fact. She just feels mainly angry and sad. Because she wants to fit in – the Teenage Dream.

Now I’ll tell you why I wanted to start this blog. I feel sad and a little angry too. I’m sad that being a mum isn’t how I thought it would be I love my children with every fibre of my being but myself and my husband find parenting children with special needs lonely. None of my wonderful, supportive friends and family really understand. Not that they haven’t tried. But no one, unless you are a parent to a special child gets our life. The very highs, because there are lots even though it doesn’t seem that way sometimes, to the very, very lows. I mean hands up if your son has eaten their bedroom carpet. Anyone? Just us then.

I want to write an honest reflection of how we feel. I’m hoping it might be therapeutic for both you reading and for us. Hopefully there will be some funny because some of the things that go down here is funny. I want to tell you things that are helpful and I’m hoping that if anyone actually reads it they will find it helpful too. I want to both give and receive support and strength to people who need it. I might also switch to non parent brain and talk about other things that I like and do. Exciting!

Until the next time. Feel free to leave a nice comment


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