R is struggling at the moment. As a teenager anyway it’s a complex time. The worry of exams and the joys of GCSE’s next year. When you factor in the social anxieties of the teenage world, it all adds up to a pressure cooker environment for her. Having Asperger’s has proved too be a massive […]

Love is all you need.

I’ve been thinking (worrying) about my children’s future a lot lately. Especially O’s I have faith that R will be OK as long as she has people she can rely on for love and support. But O will need a lot more than that. I’m constantly worrying about what will happen to him when we […]

Stairgate to heaven.

We have had to adapt the house a lot around O. He tends to grab and destroy so we can only allow him to run free around certain rooms in the house. Our saviour and something we could never be without are our pet gates. I can’t imagine life without them they keep O in […]

Diagnosis Autism

I’ve been thinking what I can write about that would be helpful for people to read. I think the hardest part for me was the process of diagnosis so I thought I’d write about that. You are not alone. Like every mother or father has a birth story every parent with special needs has a […]

Creating content

I have often thought that vloggers and bloggers leave fuller lives and do more interesting things because they have to create content. This was part of the reason why I started to write a blog, so I’d start trying out new things with the children and actually get out there and live a bit. This […]

How do you not give a f**k?

Since I was a child I have been described as ‘a bit oversensitive’ by either teachers, friends or family members. I used to think that this meant that I cried too easily (this is a fact) but actually I think it means I cry to easily, and I care about stuff too much. This is […]

Blue skies behind big grey clouds.

It’s mental health week this week. Anxiety rears its ugly head for both myself Buzz and R. It comes in waves triggered by a variety of different things. For R it’s social anxiety mainly, a not so wonderful symptom of her Asperger’s. Although teenage anxiety in general seems to be on the rise what with […]

Glad you’re mine.

O hasn’t been well this week. I think that the unusually warm bank holiday, long walk into town, and lack of sleep caught up with him. I say I think as I’m never completely sure what is wrong. When your child has communication difficulties they can’t tell you how they feel exactly or even where […]